Monday, August 23, 2010

Beauty of the Week

Just like AIDS, low self-esteem is killing our beautiful black women.

It is hard being a woman. Yet, it is harder being a black woman. It is so much pressure to this thing of being a strong black woman.

There are so many expectations of a black woman. It seems like we can't do anything right.

Fake Straight hair.
Ugly Natural hair.
Too skinny.
Too fat.
Skin too light.
Skin too dark.
Ass too flat.

Hmmmm....Am I missing anything?? These are the very thoughts that rape us of our true beauty.

It's like, I want to scream to the world, WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?!

Today, I decided to work out. As the music's scent traveled through the stereo into my living room, I became aroused. It felt like I was making love to myself.

An amazing feeling, I must say.

As I stretched my muscles, it felt as though I was releasing the negativity that was knotted inside me.

That's when I realized my true beauty. I realized that I have a beautiful petite body, with tiny curves, rock hard abs, toned arms and a strong, gorgeous face.

Perhaps if more women worked out too, they would see their own beauty. And actually like it. Just a tiny bit, maybe.

I'm not saying work out to lose weight, but to lose that damn anxiety of not appreciating your body. If you don't, how could you expect someone else to do so?

Love yourself.

Aye my black queens....

....Let's stop dying.