Thursday, February 25, 2010

We All Need To Grow Up & Graduate!

Today’s youth are dying.
And if you are a parent, your hands are defiled with cold blood.
But it’s not just parents who are part of the blame. We are ALL guilty of the spread of this sickness.
For instance, young ladies are more concerned on prancing around like Barbies. I know she has everything, but she is missing one thing; a soul.
Young black girls who are brainwashed by the artificial lifestyle of the highly appraised doll kill me. Thank you, Ms. Nicki Minaj.
It seems like they are becoming more Hot and Ready’s rather than Princess Barbie in my eyes.
What happened to individuality? No one cares enough anymore to be his or her own person.
What does the city of Detroit need to do about this trend? What do parents need to do? What do I need to do?
We are all in this together, but sometimes we forget that.
Drive by a neighborhood school. The gruesomeness dripping from middle school buildings and the scary surroundings leeching towards your car will make your blood curdle, leaving your mind paralyzed with repugnance. You’ll then remember, I promise.
Our youth are not just victims of violence, sex and drugs are accessories to the crime. Come on folks, a 13-year-old girl cannot care for a child.
But for some reason, everyone is trying so hard to grow up so fast. Why? It must be no fun to be a kid. What’s the big hurry? Trust me, it is nothing but memory loss and loans. Sallie Mae can’t stop ringing my doorbell. She wants her money back immediately.
Kids need a break from their harsh realities. There may not be enough money in the city, but there shouldn’t be a deficit in love and genuine concern.
This teenage maltreatment is corrupting the dreams of future doctors, lawyers, business owners, teachers, journalists, actors and so forth. But this disease starts at home.
Consequently, most kids don’t want to go home; if they have one to go to.
Everything doesn’t have to cost a lot of cash. Some just require the expense of time and effort. Aren’t the kids worth it?
But then again, many will end up pregnant, in jail or dead in the streets.
Harsh words. But the youth are already mangled by the harsh realities of living in the inner-city. To help cure this, we need to start loving them and break that confusion of love and ignorance.
So we can teach young ladies that just because a guy likes their “booty meat”, don’t mean that he fantasizes about putting a ring on it. And educate our young men with real words, not that word crack they use to drug their crushes’ virgin hearts.
There is a thin line between acceptance and hate. Let’s grow up and show youth that we care about them growing up and making the right choices.
It takes a village to raise a child. But without the child, the village dies.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

False reality at its worst!...

Are Black babies an endangered species?
If so, they should make a reality show about abortions. I mean they record everything else, so why not shine a true light on what really goes on in that back room? Too touchy, huh?
Yet, we infest our souls with shows that follow shallow teenagers that mess up their lives with sex and unnecessary baby mama drama. What’s the difference?
I honestly would love to see shows with individuals who are struck with a dose of reality as they venture out to discover the real truths of life. Until then, I guess I have to watch these so called well-bred shows.
So, last week on the reunion for the show, For the Love of Ray J, the singer actually got upset when Cocktail spilled the beans about him hooking up with other chicas, including herself, after the show. Ain’t that some sugar-honey-ice-tea?
I don’t know which was funnier; the astonishment of betrayal on Mz. Berry face or the fact that Ray J felt AND looked like an idiot. She probably had a foul taste in her mouth, knowing that her man wasn’t her man like she thought he was.
Folks, please remember what is done in the dark ABSOLUTELY comes to the light. DUH!
Celebrity Fit Club is too hilarious! One of the celebrities is almost 50% body fat. That means, ladies and gentlemen, that she is half human and half fat. Jesus, take the wheel!
Tool Academy is straight filth. It’s pathetic for couples to go on a show and try to rekindle their love by doing tacky challenges and having sessions with a counselor.
But, I have to admit that this show is an excellent equation for getting insight on how no relationship on the face of earth should be. If someone is truly making you feel bad about yourself, you are dumb for staying. The first time they mess up, it’s their fault. The second time, it’s yours. I’m just saying… Those people are trifling but I am learning from their dumb mistakes.
On another note, I know I am mad as hell that another R&B singer got a reality show. Guess who it is? Faith Evans! And they are doing this because…? Lo and behold, this is not the business.
A reality TV show should be taped in the city of Detroit. Why not? How would that show turn out? I chuckle to myself every time I think about that.
But, moving on…
Although I am sad that Miss J will be replaced on the upcoming episodes of America’s Next Top Model, I’m ecstatic to know that her replacement is the fabulous, bodacious, fierce, Vogue editor, Andre Leon Talley.
He is the angel of fashion. I love when he speaks about fashion. His words are like spears of mastery that pierces your soul. Perfection, Tyra!
On a random note, uprising Pop singer Justin Bieber fans scare me. Just saying!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Detroit's Impulse: YOU!

Feel her impulse?

The blood of Hip-Hop flows through the veins of Detroit. It’s so thick; it’s too hard to swallow.

Is it just an art? Does the flesh manifest it? Is it strictly harmonious beats fused together?

The talented arts of Detroit are undeniably raw. Once you bite into her crackling bitter sweetness, your taste buds are devoured with her bubbly juices of the thrill of pleasure.

It’s a simple task. Many people need to learn how to grow a greater appreciation for the local artists that ignite the city.

What provides the light of Detroit? Besides Detroit Edison, the many talents that are brewing each day are the stars of the city. Star-studded talent that provide the light of her fate.

The explosive Hip-Hop ennoblement is what influences many people to grab their chewed up pencils to write down the lyrics that are pumping to cut into the world.

This past weekend, I was invited to attend a cipher at the 5E Gallery downtown near the old train station. By the way, that creepy station is haunted with beauty.

But the talent at the cipher was what sent chills down my spine. This city is full of so much talent and breaks my heart to know that we glorify trash.

From the great talent of Saxappeal, a cold jazz saxophonist to the thundering vocals of the singers and mesmerizing words of the poets and the beats of the band, I was surrounded by greatness.

Forgive me. To hell with a Jay-Z Knowles concert. I was seduced by the midst of ecstasy with the men and women who are the realest in the game.

The reason the city of Detroit breathes is because of its music. The reason she is still standing because of the arts. And most of all, she is well alive because Detroiters come together in love and support for the music and the arts.

Without that, she would then be doomed. Crushed with ignominy and shame.

As my dear friend Saxy told me, it is an indescribable feeling to be a Detroit artist. “I love the energy that the city gives to me. Not jut the people, but the city itself.” What’s a better feeling than your very own city supporting you?

When you love your child, you attend dance recitals and football practice. Do the same for Detroit.

She is hurting; her jagged thorns reign with piercing pains of the toils and trouble of the automotive industry and unemployment terror.

But what keeps her from bleeding is the tenderness of your love and support. Exercise your heart and support local artists throughout the city.

Detroit is a mother of real Hip-Hop. Her womb is so warm, leaving the artists to only produce the hottest music.

I express great sympathy for those who forget that.

Keep it breezy and support your city.

Her womb has the world of ready wealthy talent. Thought you knew.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hypocrisy Lies Before Us!

"Teen Mom" made me throw up in my mouth.
Are MTV producers trying to scare teenagers? Or is this docudrama hosting the celebration of teens engaging in under-aged, unprotected sex?
Last I heard, sex between two adolescents under the age 18 is against the law. But who cares, right? As long as there is consent. Right?
I understand that MTV is documenting the hardships of the teen mothers struggling with their baby daddies, dating, school, employment and so forth. But overall, this series is actually encouraging girls to do it.
For a trend that is voluptuously looked down upon, this country airs its dirty laundry. Kids having kids.
What this show is doing is highlighting how girls no longer have morals and will belittle themselves for guys who are most likely will not want them after the five minutes is up.
When I was in high school, it was taboo to even think of someone being pregnant in class. Now, it’s actually ok to see some of your fellow classmates walk about with their 6-month bellies peeking from under their French Connection t-shirt down the hall.
This country is swimming in the pool of hypocrisy. And we are all drowning in it.
Speaking of sinking down under, someone should have thrown Beyonce a lifesaver; her performance went overboard. Why would she perform a 2-year old song? I guess she couldn’t perform “Video Phone” with Lady GaGa who was too busy KILLING IT in her hot performance! No one at the Grammy’s wants to hear old songs, unless they are CLASSICS and Bey, my dear that was not at all a classic song. Sit down.
Oh, and shout out to the Grammy’s for sending half its viewers to the hospital for temporary blindness. Where were we supposed to get 3-D glasses?
As we recover from the timid burning sensation of our eyes, we still venture through this country in the midst of hypocrisy.
Haiti. From the bottom of my heart, I am devastated by the current heart-wrenching news and images of Haiti.
The reason I say this is because, well for one, I do not live in Haiti. I do not have any family or friends in Haiti. I didn’t even know (don’t act like you knew either) where Haiti was located on the map until CNN showed me.
It irks me to know that people are ranting about how many orphans Haiti now birthed. Um. Excuse me. America alone has millions of orphans, and half of those children are being molested, tortured, raped, and abused in their own foster homes.
Can we please worry about our country? We are in an economic crisis, let alone a reading emergency! HELLO!
Before we donate money to fix Haiti, can we find the audacity to not allow a 15-year-old man to rape an AUTISTIC WOMAN in BROAD daylight?
Until then I’ll keep my 10 dollars.