Tuesday, February 16, 2010

False reality at its worst!...

Are Black babies an endangered species?
If so, they should make a reality show about abortions. I mean they record everything else, so why not shine a true light on what really goes on in that back room? Too touchy, huh?
Yet, we infest our souls with shows that follow shallow teenagers that mess up their lives with sex and unnecessary baby mama drama. What’s the difference?
I honestly would love to see shows with individuals who are struck with a dose of reality as they venture out to discover the real truths of life. Until then, I guess I have to watch these so called well-bred shows.
So, last week on the reunion for the show, For the Love of Ray J, the singer actually got upset when Cocktail spilled the beans about him hooking up with other chicas, including herself, after the show. Ain’t that some sugar-honey-ice-tea?
I don’t know which was funnier; the astonishment of betrayal on Mz. Berry face or the fact that Ray J felt AND looked like an idiot. She probably had a foul taste in her mouth, knowing that her man wasn’t her man like she thought he was.
Folks, please remember what is done in the dark ABSOLUTELY comes to the light. DUH!
Celebrity Fit Club is too hilarious! One of the celebrities is almost 50% body fat. That means, ladies and gentlemen, that she is half human and half fat. Jesus, take the wheel!
Tool Academy is straight filth. It’s pathetic for couples to go on a show and try to rekindle their love by doing tacky challenges and having sessions with a counselor.
But, I have to admit that this show is an excellent equation for getting insight on how no relationship on the face of earth should be. If someone is truly making you feel bad about yourself, you are dumb for staying. The first time they mess up, it’s their fault. The second time, it’s yours. I’m just saying… Those people are trifling but I am learning from their dumb mistakes.
On another note, I know I am mad as hell that another R&B singer got a reality show. Guess who it is? Faith Evans! And they are doing this because…? Lo and behold, this is not the business.
A reality TV show should be taped in the city of Detroit. Why not? How would that show turn out? I chuckle to myself every time I think about that.
But, moving on…
Although I am sad that Miss J will be replaced on the upcoming episodes of America’s Next Top Model, I’m ecstatic to know that her replacement is the fabulous, bodacious, fierce, Vogue editor, Andre Leon Talley.
He is the angel of fashion. I love when he speaks about fashion. His words are like spears of mastery that pierces your soul. Perfection, Tyra!
On a random note, uprising Pop singer Justin Bieber fans scare me. Just saying!

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  1. Well i wish i coulda seen those shows but i been sick but RayJ...U is a Dumbass..lol.too many reality shows.i remember wen they was real a..well REALITY.lol.keep writing...