Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Well... The day has come!

One milestone done. CHECK!

Today’s is the big day! Today, Reggie and I bequeath to the world a little boy with a gigantic smile and two sparkly brown eyes. Simply, today is RJ’s first day of Kindergarten. Eek!

Countless unbridled emotions swallowed my brain as we prepared for this kiddo’s first day of school. We all woke up excited and ready for the new day. We talked about learning new things, making new friends and homework. This was just a B!G moment rippling inside of our home! Just a few months ago, tears were bubbling down my face as RJ walked across the stage, graduating from Pre-K. Now, just a few hours ago, I was helping RJ neatly pack his backpack with his fresh school supplies and snacks before he walked out the door to conquer his momentous day of starting Elementary school.

Ay yi yi!

Man, I miss being a kid. No real worries in the world. The only worry I had was making sure my mother bought the prettiest trapper keeper and hoping she polishes my nails for the first day of class. Looking at RJ made me realize that I am getting older and that we both are entering new paths- His path of growing independently into a man like his father (my dreamy husband) and my path of motherhood. I pray I will be blessed with plenty of ‘RJ’s first moments’. Just like his first day of Kindergarten, I plan to be there for RJ for his many First’s- when he wiggles out his first loose tooth, when he sits in his first car, when he gets ready for his first date and needs advice- PAUSE, let me be real... I am NOT ready for that. I never will be. Hehehe.

But anyhoo…

Quite frankly, I am proud of myself for not crying. Before he skipped out the front door, I gave RJ a kiss on the forehead and he told me that he loves me. Let me tell you, I seriously am not ready for RJ to grow up. But I know that he doesn’t have a choice and neither do I or his daddy.

I love my little RJ. I am so blessed to have RJ as my son.

Go get it, RJ! The world is waiting!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


"The devil is always sitting in my corner.”

Sweat drips down Malachi's face in his hour of darkness.

Why would God allow this to happen?

Why are these lies haunting his life, Malachi wonders.

The most beautiful woman in the world who gave him life is a victim of Hell.

And his track coach, the one man who he looks up to is the cause of it all.

Pray, my sweet Malachi, an angel says.

But Malachi doesn’t want to pray. Why should he? He feels like a greasy pot of flesh and sin. How could his mother look at him? How dare he speak to Coach?

As the raindrops collapse slowly unto his skin, Malachi runs to his best friend Chelsea's house. On the porch, they sit in silence as the trees sway with the breath of the wind. Both sitting still. Lost in the warm April night.

“Why am I here?” Malachi asks.
“Why are any of us here?”
“No. You are here because your parents were madly in love, married and welcomed you into a life of happiness.”
“Ok and.”
“Ok and mine weren’t. And this nasty secret was kept from me all my life.”
“No, Chelsea, please. Don’t sugar coat this for me. The thing is, I’ve always wondered what my roots were. And now I know. My roots are nothing but strings of murderous lies. And the fact that my mother kept me rips me apart inside.”
“She kept you because you are her blessing.”
“No, I am a living curse.”
“How are you a curse? I am so sure that you are the best thing that ever happened to your mother.”
“I don’t believe that.”
“You don’t want to believe that.”
“Chelsea, I am one of Satan‘s seeds. I don’t even know how my mother can even look at me.”
“Because you are her angel.”
“Yeah, her precious angel of death. I am her daily reminder of what Hell is. I am even afraid of myself.”

Placing her hand over his chest, Chelsea’s touch seemed to simmer down his racing heartbeats. Chelsea pulls her broken friend close to her, stretching her arms around him.

“No, my friend, you are your mother’s precious messenger of her deliverance. Let it be.”

To be continued...