Monday, June 27, 2011


I want to run away.
Sometimes I just wish I could run away from every stressful situation that I encounter. But I know that life does not work like that. Some people may disagree. Death is always an option. But life is too beautiful for me to want out.
Don't get me wrong. I love my life.
Step back. And reposition yourself.
Over this past weekend, I realized that I cannot please everyone. Yes, it took 24 years for me to realize that. Pathetic. But hey, when you are hardheaded and determined to impress everybody, you become blind to the reality. Some people will applaud while others will stand there with their noses in the air, appalled.
You must reposition yourself. In every situation. Because it is not the end until God says so.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why Did I Do That?

I f***** up my damn life. Why did I do that?
You ever felt like that?
Don't we all feel as if we miscalculated a turn, or opened the wrong door, or press the incorrect button?
It is as if God has plot us on this land, handing us a map. The hidden treasure: Our destiny. Instead of marking the route with a fat blue marker, He gives a blank map and tells us to figure it out. Great. No pressure. He says, "I am always with you. When you get lost, call on Me." Of course, He guides us the entire time, but His tracks are sometimes unrecognizable. Sometimes I just wish God would burst through the clouds and point me into the right direction and tell me the right decision. It doesn't work that way, apparently.
No, I don't think I "f*****up" my life. I just wonder how my life would be if I didn't make certain decisions I have made in these past 24 years. I don't have any regrets. But I do wonder. Hmm... I swear every 10 mins I feel like I got my life together. The next 3 mins, my whole world comes to a halt. Its kinda like that feeling of disappointment when you have countless interviews and still can't find employment in your career field. Or looking in the mirror and can't fantom on why he chose Her and not you.
Ultimately, its that nagging feeling of being stuck. Skepticism pullulates like insects, swarming everywhere around me. Oh well, one day I will figure it out.....hopefully... right? Until then, I will use my map and continue to walk down that path I am on, with my flashlight in my hand and mind on the prize, my future, my destiny, my treasure.
I just have one question. God, where am I going?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Isn't She Lovely?

I absolutely love feeling Beautiful.
Don't you?
Every single girl should feel Beautiful. Inside and out.
Earlier this week, my boyfriend's niece was born. Her birth still tickles my mind. She entered this world, simply Beautiful. Although I saw her picture with her eyes closed, I know that her big brown eyes will embrace the world with their beauty as they seek the treasures of the world. With her fresh, dewy pretty skin and tiny nose, she is so Beautiful. Looking at her makes me smile and reminds me of why I love being a Beautiful woman.
All little girls around the world are Beautiful. But that word is certainly foreign to most, and knowing this fact breaks my heart. Instead of being told she is Beautiful, a little girl is being raped by the lies of strange horny beasts and jealous family members. Hard to believe?
You can just look at the woman pictured on this blog. Yep, me.
I used to feel dead ass ugly.
But now, tuh, you can't tell me nothing. Just kidding.
It's funny how we, Beautiful women, struggle with the logic of Beauty when its simple. Just Love yourself. But first, you must DISCOVER yourself. In the midst of our voyage to self-discovery, we gobble down the stress and poison of basic, unqualified men and tainted goals in life. Which then leaves us falling short and feeling dumb. And ugly. Our men are fine. But I honestly love the beauty of a woman. So feminine and incomparable in every single way. When I have a daughter, I will be adamant to tell her that that she is Beautiful every chance I get. So that my Beautiful little girl will transform into a Beautiful young lady then into a Beautiful woman. Like myself.
Just Beautiful.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do I Spend Enough Time with God?

Do I Spend Enough Time with God?

That's a very deep question to ask oneself, huh?
Let's face it.
A lot of us don't pray. And the majority of us who do... don't pray for others.
So, let's have some quick fun for 20 seconds. Let's imagine the world if every single child of God spent enough time with Him. What an enchanting place it would be, eh?
This provoking question bewildered my swollen brain all day. When I think about spending time with God, talking to Him comes to mind.
Spending time with God doesn't just include shuffling through hundreds of Gospel Cd's or heading to 3 hour church service.

Sometimes God just wants to talk.
Remember the last time you were stuck in a traffic jam? Maybe God was trying to talk then. Or the time that crazy stray cat scared you as you were walking to your car? But we always shoo them away and continue with our day and pull out the driveway 45 mph. Perhaps the time you held your breath, looking for a close parking spot at your job? Couldn't find a spot. Frustrating. Maybe God was trying to get our attention then. But, of course, we give up, park in the nosebleed section and keep it moving before we clock in late.

God works in mysterious ways. Nevertheless, talking to Him should not be a secret crotchet. Prayer is the supernatural correspondence that empowers us to visit the big man upstairs. Whenever trouble comes, vexatious static shakes the line, however, we always have a live connection with God. But many of us hang up.

Back to my question: Do I spend enough time with God? I am not sure. When I spend time with God, I shut down. I turn my brain off. And then my heart speaks. My heart tells God every little thing that made me happy and sad. Whether it was the annoyance from a piece of hair that would stubbornly not lay down. Or a memory of my boyfriend's son running into my arms with a bright, Kool-aid smile. Or having a discussion on which route to take in order to find myself when I get lost in life (which seems to happen every five minutes).

No matter what the heart says, God listens.
At work today, my mind pondered over this question of whether or not, I am spending enough time with God. I did, however, realize how we spend so much time complaining and less time praising God. Perhaps, if we personally make sure that we are with Him, God will be sure to always be with us.
Let's face it.

It's one thing to talk about God. And all his glory. It's another to talk TO God.

Did you talk to Him today?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall....

Ever stood in front of the mirror and ask yourself, "Why do I complain so much?"

Well, I do.

When I look at myself in the mirror every single morning, I see the following:

Dark skin.
Heat bumps.

Big brown eyes.
Eyebrows that need to be plucked.
Short hair.

Often, I forget that I am staring back at a young woman who is dying to be the best she can be. Every single day. When in fact, she needs to be LIVING to be the best she can be. When will I ever learn? Then again, I am hardheaded. Very.

This past Saturday, the Honey and I participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Oak Park, where we met an elderly lady who is a breast cancer survivor. Her spirit was amazing. With her pearly whites, she joyfully asked my boyfriend, who happens to be a brave brain cancer survivor, on how he feels.

He told her that he felt great and he bent his head down to show her the scar on his left temple.

She chuckled and told him that it is fading away. She then asked him if his hair fell out and he answered with a heavy sigh. "Yes," he said. "All of it fell out. I was bald for a few months."

She nervously chuckled and told us that her precious hair fell out and described the dreadfulness of looking in the mirror, greeted by her new found nakedness. Yet, she then said something that dawdles in my head still to this day. "I used to hate looking in the mirror, but hey, at least we can look in the mirror."

And that's true. Every few seconds, someone is dying. And every other second, we are always complaining. Instead, we should be giving thanks for being able to do the simplest things, such as making up our beds or walking into the bathroom and looking in the mirror, seeing ourselves staring right back while we brush our teeth. So, now, I feel that my mirror is showing the reflection of my biggest blessing: My spirit.

Life is so damn hard. But loving thy self should not be. Right? One minute your spirit is here, the next, it's gone. Forever.

So, maybe I should stop focusing on those heat bumps and focus on living my dreams, eh?