Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do I Spend Enough Time with God?

Do I Spend Enough Time with God?

That's a very deep question to ask oneself, huh?
Let's face it.
A lot of us don't pray. And the majority of us who do... don't pray for others.
So, let's have some quick fun for 20 seconds. Let's imagine the world if every single child of God spent enough time with Him. What an enchanting place it would be, eh?
This provoking question bewildered my swollen brain all day. When I think about spending time with God, talking to Him comes to mind.
Spending time with God doesn't just include shuffling through hundreds of Gospel Cd's or heading to 3 hour church service.

Sometimes God just wants to talk.
Remember the last time you were stuck in a traffic jam? Maybe God was trying to talk then. Or the time that crazy stray cat scared you as you were walking to your car? But we always shoo them away and continue with our day and pull out the driveway 45 mph. Perhaps the time you held your breath, looking for a close parking spot at your job? Couldn't find a spot. Frustrating. Maybe God was trying to get our attention then. But, of course, we give up, park in the nosebleed section and keep it moving before we clock in late.

God works in mysterious ways. Nevertheless, talking to Him should not be a secret crotchet. Prayer is the supernatural correspondence that empowers us to visit the big man upstairs. Whenever trouble comes, vexatious static shakes the line, however, we always have a live connection with God. But many of us hang up.

Back to my question: Do I spend enough time with God? I am not sure. When I spend time with God, I shut down. I turn my brain off. And then my heart speaks. My heart tells God every little thing that made me happy and sad. Whether it was the annoyance from a piece of hair that would stubbornly not lay down. Or a memory of my boyfriend's son running into my arms with a bright, Kool-aid smile. Or having a discussion on which route to take in order to find myself when I get lost in life (which seems to happen every five minutes).

No matter what the heart says, God listens.
At work today, my mind pondered over this question of whether or not, I am spending enough time with God. I did, however, realize how we spend so much time complaining and less time praising God. Perhaps, if we personally make sure that we are with Him, God will be sure to always be with us.
Let's face it.

It's one thing to talk about God. And all his glory. It's another to talk TO God.

Did you talk to Him today?

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