Thursday, June 16, 2011

Isn't She Lovely?

I absolutely love feeling Beautiful.
Don't you?
Every single girl should feel Beautiful. Inside and out.
Earlier this week, my boyfriend's niece was born. Her birth still tickles my mind. She entered this world, simply Beautiful. Although I saw her picture with her eyes closed, I know that her big brown eyes will embrace the world with their beauty as they seek the treasures of the world. With her fresh, dewy pretty skin and tiny nose, she is so Beautiful. Looking at her makes me smile and reminds me of why I love being a Beautiful woman.
All little girls around the world are Beautiful. But that word is certainly foreign to most, and knowing this fact breaks my heart. Instead of being told she is Beautiful, a little girl is being raped by the lies of strange horny beasts and jealous family members. Hard to believe?
You can just look at the woman pictured on this blog. Yep, me.
I used to feel dead ass ugly.
But now, tuh, you can't tell me nothing. Just kidding.
It's funny how we, Beautiful women, struggle with the logic of Beauty when its simple. Just Love yourself. But first, you must DISCOVER yourself. In the midst of our voyage to self-discovery, we gobble down the stress and poison of basic, unqualified men and tainted goals in life. Which then leaves us falling short and feeling dumb. And ugly. Our men are fine. But I honestly love the beauty of a woman. So feminine and incomparable in every single way. When I have a daughter, I will be adamant to tell her that that she is Beautiful every chance I get. So that my Beautiful little girl will transform into a Beautiful young lady then into a Beautiful woman. Like myself.
Just Beautiful.

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