Thursday, January 2, 2014

Re-Introducing Myself

I am absolutely starting this New Year with exhilaration!

Entering my 10th month post relaxer. *gasps* And guess what? I am surviving! *Praise Dance* I had a perm for 16 years. Give me some credit!

Last March, I got a touch-up and by April, I was entirely fed up with perms and decided to go natural. It really has been a voyage. Learning my hair, re-introducing myself to my natural hair texture and all that jazz.

Not once have I thought about going back to the creamy crack! I will confess that I do miss the shiny, mellifluous, straight hair. But that’s what weave is for, right?
Before I got my Marley Twists in November, I realized how much my hair has grown. And I am very pleased with every kink, nap and curl.

The one frustrating issue I am currently dealing with is dryness and brittleness. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. So I make it my life mission to moisturize my delicate hair daily, especially my edges. Lord knows, I need them to stay! As much as making the decision to transition was easy, maintaining two different textures isn’t such an easy task. But I know this hair evolution will be worth it.

Finding my curlfriends seems to be a liberating and rewarding journey. And I am determined to stay strong. Another precious step towards a healthier lifestyle in the New Year!

Stay tuned.

November 2011 - Straight Hair a.k.a. PERM

March 2012 - Last touch up.

April 2012- My 26th Birthday. Post relaxer- One Month. - My natural hair beauty Shaina helped me with my first attempt with a natural hair style. I thought about the Big Chop, but I love the versatility of weave too much. And I truly appreciate extensions in easing my journey in transitioning.

November 2013. Length check- Hair grew so much! I noticed my hair had so much more volume, fluff, softness and length. Definitely inspired me to keep going!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Struggling, but unstaggering faith.

Started the New Year with Psalm 71.

And it rocked my world. Whew.

Let me tell you, this was the perfect scripture to begin the new year with.

In my private place at home, I lit two candles and I sat with an anxious heart. Daily, as I meet with God, I close my eyes in prayer, hungry for His presence. Holding my Bible, I asked God to speak to me. In doing so, He guided me to Psalm 71. Random, I thought. But the Holy Spirit told me to be quiet and read. Reciting the words, I felt my heart get lighter as the monsters of doubt crawled away and the clutches of anxiety loosen.

In awe, I became smitten by the emotional verses.

Scrolling line by line slowly, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, reminding me that no matter what the situation is, no hardship or a single drop of adversity could ever deprive me from the favor and love of God.

Once I stopped reading, comfort seized me and my soul cheered. Blessed assurance.

Definitely ready for the new year ahead.