Thursday, January 2, 2014

Re-Introducing Myself

I am absolutely starting this New Year with exhilaration!

Entering my 10th month post relaxer. *gasps* And guess what? I am surviving! *Praise Dance* I had a perm for 16 years. Give me some credit!

Last March, I got a touch-up and by April, I was entirely fed up with perms and decided to go natural. It really has been a voyage. Learning my hair, re-introducing myself to my natural hair texture and all that jazz.

Not once have I thought about going back to the creamy crack! I will confess that I do miss the shiny, mellifluous, straight hair. But that’s what weave is for, right?
Before I got my Marley Twists in November, I realized how much my hair has grown. And I am very pleased with every kink, nap and curl.

The one frustrating issue I am currently dealing with is dryness and brittleness. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. So I make it my life mission to moisturize my delicate hair daily, especially my edges. Lord knows, I need them to stay! As much as making the decision to transition was easy, maintaining two different textures isn’t such an easy task. But I know this hair evolution will be worth it.

Finding my curlfriends seems to be a liberating and rewarding journey. And I am determined to stay strong. Another precious step towards a healthier lifestyle in the New Year!

Stay tuned.

November 2011 - Straight Hair a.k.a. PERM

March 2012 - Last touch up.

April 2012- My 26th Birthday. Post relaxer- One Month. - My natural hair beauty Shaina helped me with my first attempt with a natural hair style. I thought about the Big Chop, but I love the versatility of weave too much. And I truly appreciate extensions in easing my journey in transitioning.

November 2013. Length check- Hair grew so much! I noticed my hair had so much more volume, fluff, softness and length. Definitely inspired me to keep going!


  1. You are very photogenic!!! I didn't even know you took a pic of your hair when we did the curly twist out looks great!!!!

  2. Thank you Shaina!! You are an inspiration!