Monday, September 27, 2010

monster laws

We all have a tiny monster inside of us.

Some of bigger than others. Some are more gruesome. Either way, that little monster has a way of interfering with our daily jobs. To live.

What is your monster? Is it lack of Confidence? Jealousy? Greed? Addiction? Self-hatred? Or is it the lack of Faith?

And where does these little monsters come from? It is unknown. We are born with them. And we die with them.

Some allow their tiny monsters to crawl and rest on their shoulders. Others gently keep their sinful friend snuggled in the deep blankets of their conscience.

Where is your frightful buddy? You better find that little monster...

before he kills you.

Or... are you the monster itself?

Cancer Man: Part 1

I walk through Detroit as a new man.

I have brain cancer. So what do I do now?

I know exactly what you are asking. Are you ready to die?
I know exactly what you are thinking too. Cancer patients cannot live a normal life!

That is absolutely right ladies and gents. We don't live normal.


My name is Reggie and I was diagnosed with brain cancer nine months ago.

Like seriously, what would you do if the doctors pranced into your hospital room and tried to smile and explain with some weird ass science terminology that you may die due to a disease that they cannot really treat.


But it is what it is, right?

Well, for me, I felt as if the world crashed, burnt over and turned into a grimy pile of ash. Yet, something suddenly risen. No, not Jesus. But a new life for me.

No, I didn't turn into some Superman dude. I just woke up and became more appreciative of life. And all that good stuff.

....but my story doesn't end that sweetly.

pretty. ugly.

God saved her again.

I know this one girl so well. She always thinks she is UGLY. But she's not.

In fact, she is drop dead gorgeous. Too deadly huh?

No one knows why she always thinks she is ugly. She is so beautiful. Her beauty is so delicious taste. steal.

The worst part of her beauty... it hides her fluttery fears and spicy sorrows. Scary.

Her beauty is so strong. No one sees through it to see her clammy calamity and achy agony.

Each blinding flash of her smile is a piercing scream.

She shivers from the lack of desire.
Lack of direction.
Lack of determination.

And the ghost of timidity trickles out daily out onto her pores and spreading, destroying her beauty's virginity.

That's all she sees. A disease. Of self-hatred.

At night, her cold tears curl up with her against her pillow while her wild emotions choke her until she passes out on her soiled bed of nightmares. Did she win?

Within hours, the morning sunshine's silent warmth playfully tickles her nostrils.

... God saves her. Again.

Her beauty bleeds misery. No one understands how she only has a fragile, microscopic strand of confidence inside of her. No one knows.


She is just too beautiful to feel this way.

Is she you?
Is she me?

Friday, September 24, 2010

the spirit of timidity

Because of it, we die.

We all have it...

We all suffer from it...

It's the shattered reflection of God's eternal love.

We all have a bit of the spirit of Timidity.

It's in our Mother Nature's wispy breath of air. In which we suckle on everyday.

It's sweet odour is toxic. As hell. And tears us apart from God.

Once inhaled, the spirit of Timidity seeps through our circulatory system, clinging onto our insides, clogging our arteries and gently attacks our vital organs. Our brains. Our hearts. Even our souls.

What do we need to do to get rid of this?

.... just pray.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


"Huh, what did you say?"

"Oh nothing. I was just praying..."

"You are always praying... like Evey 5 minutes."

"I have to. The next 5 minutes, I could be dead."

Life is seriously hard. But then again...

It's not.

People often confuse life with making money, meeting various soul mates, getting hitched and having a gazillion nappy headed babies. But it's not.

Life is simple.

In fact, Life is a miracle within itself. Claim it.

Life is somewhat like listening to the flowers bloom.

"What do you mean, Tammy? You cannot possibly hear a flower bloom."

But that's the thing, you can't listen with your ears. You must listen with your heart.

Believe it or not, that flower's beauty is screaming at people day and night. But the noise is not loud at all. We are too busy dancing though Life, complaining and choking with the spicy calamity of challenges that Life seems to throw us at nonstop.

Slow down and you may actually hear that flower bloom.

Some miracles aren't meant to hear with your fragile ears. They are heard simply by your soul.

Like God's whispers to our prayers.