Monday, September 27, 2010

pretty. ugly.

God saved her again.

I know this one girl so well. She always thinks she is UGLY. But she's not.

In fact, she is drop dead gorgeous. Too deadly huh?

No one knows why she always thinks she is ugly. She is so beautiful. Her beauty is so delicious taste. steal.

The worst part of her beauty... it hides her fluttery fears and spicy sorrows. Scary.

Her beauty is so strong. No one sees through it to see her clammy calamity and achy agony.

Each blinding flash of her smile is a piercing scream.

She shivers from the lack of desire.
Lack of direction.
Lack of determination.

And the ghost of timidity trickles out daily out onto her pores and spreading, destroying her beauty's virginity.

That's all she sees. A disease. Of self-hatred.

At night, her cold tears curl up with her against her pillow while her wild emotions choke her until she passes out on her soiled bed of nightmares. Did she win?

Within hours, the morning sunshine's silent warmth playfully tickles her nostrils.

... God saves her. Again.

Her beauty bleeds misery. No one understands how she only has a fragile, microscopic strand of confidence inside of her. No one knows.


She is just too beautiful to feel this way.

Is she you?
Is she me?

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