Thursday, September 23, 2010


"Huh, what did you say?"

"Oh nothing. I was just praying..."

"You are always praying... like Evey 5 minutes."

"I have to. The next 5 minutes, I could be dead."

Life is seriously hard. But then again...

It's not.

People often confuse life with making money, meeting various soul mates, getting hitched and having a gazillion nappy headed babies. But it's not.

Life is simple.

In fact, Life is a miracle within itself. Claim it.

Life is somewhat like listening to the flowers bloom.

"What do you mean, Tammy? You cannot possibly hear a flower bloom."

But that's the thing, you can't listen with your ears. You must listen with your heart.

Believe it or not, that flower's beauty is screaming at people day and night. But the noise is not loud at all. We are too busy dancing though Life, complaining and choking with the spicy calamity of challenges that Life seems to throw us at nonstop.

Slow down and you may actually hear that flower bloom.

Some miracles aren't meant to hear with your fragile ears. They are heard simply by your soul.

Like God's whispers to our prayers.

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