Saturday, February 15, 2014

Still in search for my curlfriends...

January 2011 - Permed and bleached. SMH.

So, about this natural hair journey. Not bad at all.

While researching other girls' escapades with their Natural Hair discovery, many ladies succumb to the creamy crack in the midst of their adventures. Not I.

I have yet to have a single itch to get a perm. I guess because I am having fun wearing faux buns, sew-ins, twists, wigs and so forth. I am experiencing with different looks and I am loving it. Meanwhile, my hair is safe and growing. I am undeniably metamorphosing into a product junkie. I find myself constantly standing in the aisles of stores, staring at hair products and oils and deciding which ones to take home. So far, I am in love with Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and of course, the boo, Argan oil. I need to go out and get Castor Oil and Coconut Oil. My hair is so thirsty. It is to the point where I find myself spraying my hair with water to keep it hydrated and moisturized.

Presently, I have my hair braided in cornrows so my hair can continue to rest under my new style. Since I have so much perm growing out, many are suggesting that I do the BC or Big Chop. I honestly do not feel that I ready for that. Merely because I am having too much fun with all these lovely protective styles! Like I stated before, I love the flexibility of weave. Plus, I have decided to have a 'Mini Chop' in the fall where I will cut off the remaining permed strands, regardless of length and so forth. So I will carry on and grow my hair out and then eventually, I will give in to the scissors.

So far, I have noticed that my hair texture has changed drastically. Softer. Also, it is SO THICK and I absolutely love it. It is amazing. Which is another reason why I am not interested in putting back the perm. I did all this hard work growing it out, I am not going to stop here. The health of my hair is so important to me and I am determined to bring it back to life.

February 2014: My hair blown out: (10 months post relaxer - Please excuse my ends - Scary, I know)

Currently, I have my hair braided in cornrows.
Let's see what I get next. Will I do the BC? Probably not. Lol.

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