Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thirsty Waves, Curls and Kinks

Okay, now I know that we shouldn’t really classify the texture of our hair, but I feel that I have reached a point of my natural hair care where I need to know which techniques are beneficial for my hair. Each hair texture is different and may require different cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, hair milks and styling butters and custards which are essential in hydrating and nourishing the hair. So, lately, I've been studying my natural curl for the past couple of weeks like I would for the GRE. I think I have figured it out. I think. My texture is changing so I can be wrong possibly next month. Right now, my hair is mixture of 4A and 4B…. I think. I guess I have what they say is ‘coily springy’ hair. My coils are tight and coarse, but my curl pattern is a soft ‘S’. Visibly, most of our manes are full of a variety of textures, but I am just thrilled to see some type of pattern is in my hair. It is pretty exhilarating to me. I am so used to that flat, monotonous permed hair.
A week ago, I started taking Biotin. I did last year a few months before the wedding. Now I'm taking it again to help with the growth of my tresses. Plus, Biotin is a potent dietary supplement that has a compelling wide range of health benefits, such as assisting with metabolism, heart care and revitalizing the skin. And of course, I am drinking more and more water.

I will be honest. There are some days, my eyes ogle at my hair and I say to myself, “What the h---.” But then I snap out of it and go on with my day. Like I stated before, I am now making it a habit to moisturize my hair every single day. It has almost been a month since I put heat in my hair and I know that by doing so, it is also helping my hair along with saturating my hair and scalp with my oils to ensure that I have strong, healthy and hydrated coils.

And most importantly, my patience is growing stronger.

Pray for me. Whew. Lol.

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