Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Curlies that won’t go with the flow. Is it time to go?

Okay, so I think I have reached that point in transitioning - Time for a mini-chop. Right? I think.
(NOTE: My bangs haven't been this long since 2005)

Last night, I washed my hair. What a task! It took me almost an hour to finish. Geez. Oh, and I am in love with my fabulous new products, especially the curl enhancing smoothie!
My hair is so thick, so soft and no longer fighting with me. My permed ends are losing their fight and seem to be desperately cooperating. Lol! Which is why I feel that it is time to end the war and slice off the damaged ends. The end result: less tangles!! And possibly shorter washing sessions.

But I will be patient. Maybe in March, I will do the mini-chop. Maybe not. As you can see, I change my mind every single week. Well, that’s because my hair changes every week as it grows like wildfire. Far as styling, I tried my first flat twist out this week. I was quite pleased with the results, but I definitely need to keep practicing.

Right now, I have my hair in  small twists until I figure out what style I want to conquer next. I am thinking of giving Bantu Knots a try. Wish me luck! Praise the Lord for YouTube tutorials and Pinterest!!


  1. When I transitioned, I had no YouTube or blogs lol. I slowly over the few years clipped my straightened ends off. Maybe that was mini-chopping, not sure. But that is part of the process. I was so hung up on length retention I was afraid to let go of those scraggely ends! But yes, you will eventually want to cut them off.

    1. LOL length retention is definitely keeping me away from the shears. I thought about just trimming along the way but I am sick and tired of these ends LOL. We shall see. March is my one year post-relaxer anniversary so we shall see how I will feel. You know me. I change my hair every few weeks. LOL

  2. First of all I love Shea Moisture products and the curl enhancing smoothie was my first staple. I started to mini chop song the way until I hit so fed up with the straight ends that I copied them off I'm March of 2011 which is also my natural hair Anniversary. It's all about comfort and when you can take it no longer you'll chop it off.