Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall....

Ever stood in front of the mirror and ask yourself, "Why do I complain so much?"

Well, I do.

When I look at myself in the mirror every single morning, I see the following:

Dark skin.
Heat bumps.

Big brown eyes.
Eyebrows that need to be plucked.
Short hair.

Often, I forget that I am staring back at a young woman who is dying to be the best she can be. Every single day. When in fact, she needs to be LIVING to be the best she can be. When will I ever learn? Then again, I am hardheaded. Very.

This past Saturday, the Honey and I participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Oak Park, where we met an elderly lady who is a breast cancer survivor. Her spirit was amazing. With her pearly whites, she joyfully asked my boyfriend, who happens to be a brave brain cancer survivor, on how he feels.

He told her that he felt great and he bent his head down to show her the scar on his left temple.

She chuckled and told him that it is fading away. She then asked him if his hair fell out and he answered with a heavy sigh. "Yes," he said. "All of it fell out. I was bald for a few months."

She nervously chuckled and told us that her precious hair fell out and described the dreadfulness of looking in the mirror, greeted by her new found nakedness. Yet, she then said something that dawdles in my head still to this day. "I used to hate looking in the mirror, but hey, at least we can look in the mirror."

And that's true. Every few seconds, someone is dying. And every other second, we are always complaining. Instead, we should be giving thanks for being able to do the simplest things, such as making up our beds or walking into the bathroom and looking in the mirror, seeing ourselves staring right back while we brush our teeth. So, now, I feel that my mirror is showing the reflection of my biggest blessing: My spirit.

Life is so damn hard. But loving thy self should not be. Right? One minute your spirit is here, the next, it's gone. Forever.

So, maybe I should stop focusing on those heat bumps and focus on living my dreams, eh?

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  1. Once again, another great post. Often times, people take life for granted and the small things in life. Like you said, at least you are blessed to be able to look in the mirror everyday. Some people are so sick and have not been out of their beds in days, weeks, or even months. We are blessed. As for "The Honey", he is also blessed. Very blessed. He shall continue to count his blessings and enjoy the precious gift we all have: LIFE.