Thursday, February 25, 2010

We All Need To Grow Up & Graduate!

Today’s youth are dying.
And if you are a parent, your hands are defiled with cold blood.
But it’s not just parents who are part of the blame. We are ALL guilty of the spread of this sickness.
For instance, young ladies are more concerned on prancing around like Barbies. I know she has everything, but she is missing one thing; a soul.
Young black girls who are brainwashed by the artificial lifestyle of the highly appraised doll kill me. Thank you, Ms. Nicki Minaj.
It seems like they are becoming more Hot and Ready’s rather than Princess Barbie in my eyes.
What happened to individuality? No one cares enough anymore to be his or her own person.
What does the city of Detroit need to do about this trend? What do parents need to do? What do I need to do?
We are all in this together, but sometimes we forget that.
Drive by a neighborhood school. The gruesomeness dripping from middle school buildings and the scary surroundings leeching towards your car will make your blood curdle, leaving your mind paralyzed with repugnance. You’ll then remember, I promise.
Our youth are not just victims of violence, sex and drugs are accessories to the crime. Come on folks, a 13-year-old girl cannot care for a child.
But for some reason, everyone is trying so hard to grow up so fast. Why? It must be no fun to be a kid. What’s the big hurry? Trust me, it is nothing but memory loss and loans. Sallie Mae can’t stop ringing my doorbell. She wants her money back immediately.
Kids need a break from their harsh realities. There may not be enough money in the city, but there shouldn’t be a deficit in love and genuine concern.
This teenage maltreatment is corrupting the dreams of future doctors, lawyers, business owners, teachers, journalists, actors and so forth. But this disease starts at home.
Consequently, most kids don’t want to go home; if they have one to go to.
Everything doesn’t have to cost a lot of cash. Some just require the expense of time and effort. Aren’t the kids worth it?
But then again, many will end up pregnant, in jail or dead in the streets.
Harsh words. But the youth are already mangled by the harsh realities of living in the inner-city. To help cure this, we need to start loving them and break that confusion of love and ignorance.
So we can teach young ladies that just because a guy likes their “booty meat”, don’t mean that he fantasizes about putting a ring on it. And educate our young men with real words, not that word crack they use to drug their crushes’ virgin hearts.
There is a thin line between acceptance and hate. Let’s grow up and show youth that we care about them growing up and making the right choices.
It takes a village to raise a child. But without the child, the village dies.

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