Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Are What You Eat!

Everyone knows that what you eat reflects who you are as a person. So if you always chugging down hot dogs, then most likely you are a meathead.
But, seriously, if you eat nice, healthy fruits, then obviously you are conscious of your health.
Yet, this popular phrase “you are what you eat” goes beyond real food. It’s about choices. You can prosper from them or suffer. For instance, our community is suffering from diabetes. But it is also succumbing to AIDS. All faults of our choices.
We all wake up with free will to make the right choices. You have the right to live by eating right and you have the right to live by making the right choices.
You have the choice to be mean, sad, happy, dumb in love, bitter or just straight rebellious. Whatever your choice may be, the outcome in your daily life will reflect that. Just like food.
Life is like a garden, full of different plants and weeds. Some gardens are crowded with weeds taller than Mount Everest while others are overflowing with the glorious birth of daisies and sunflowers and roses and tulips singing harmoniously to the sun.
If you want a positive life, you must eat healthy foods as well as make healthy choices, which will then provide the minerals and vital sources of greatness into your life. Without it, you may starve and adapt to a fatigue and torturing lifestyle. This is one reason why some people fall down into the wrath of depression and can’t get up.
When stuck, you should always remember the following: There are no such things as mistakes. Just lessons. Not trying to get all religious on you, but God’s mercy is bigger than any mistake one can make.
Thus, it’s ok to not always make the right choice. And it’s ok to eat an extra slice of that strawberry cheesecake.
Most people think before they eat a meal. Fewer think before they live their life. Which is the best. Life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. No one makes it out to the end. But do understand that what you put in, whether it is food, new people, new job, new money, it will affect who you are as a person at the end of the meal hour, end of the job period, end of the relationship and the ending period on your bank statement.
I encourage young, beautiful Detroit ladies and gentlemen to continue on eating the precious fruits of life for they will forever prosper. It may not seem that way nowadays, but this is what makes patience so beautifully appetizing to the soul. Trust me!
Your inner person will burst with joy, knowing that you are proud of who you are, simply by what you put in your life.

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  1. MMMHHH..i jus eat..cant think,and i dont have many things i dont eat. and the metaphor for this story is so great..i hope everyone sees it...Keep em comin..