Monday, February 8, 2010

Detroit's Impulse: YOU!

Feel her impulse?

The blood of Hip-Hop flows through the veins of Detroit. It’s so thick; it’s too hard to swallow.

Is it just an art? Does the flesh manifest it? Is it strictly harmonious beats fused together?

The talented arts of Detroit are undeniably raw. Once you bite into her crackling bitter sweetness, your taste buds are devoured with her bubbly juices of the thrill of pleasure.

It’s a simple task. Many people need to learn how to grow a greater appreciation for the local artists that ignite the city.

What provides the light of Detroit? Besides Detroit Edison, the many talents that are brewing each day are the stars of the city. Star-studded talent that provide the light of her fate.

The explosive Hip-Hop ennoblement is what influences many people to grab their chewed up pencils to write down the lyrics that are pumping to cut into the world.

This past weekend, I was invited to attend a cipher at the 5E Gallery downtown near the old train station. By the way, that creepy station is haunted with beauty.

But the talent at the cipher was what sent chills down my spine. This city is full of so much talent and breaks my heart to know that we glorify trash.

From the great talent of Saxappeal, a cold jazz saxophonist to the thundering vocals of the singers and mesmerizing words of the poets and the beats of the band, I was surrounded by greatness.

Forgive me. To hell with a Jay-Z Knowles concert. I was seduced by the midst of ecstasy with the men and women who are the realest in the game.

The reason the city of Detroit breathes is because of its music. The reason she is still standing because of the arts. And most of all, she is well alive because Detroiters come together in love and support for the music and the arts.

Without that, she would then be doomed. Crushed with ignominy and shame.

As my dear friend Saxy told me, it is an indescribable feeling to be a Detroit artist. “I love the energy that the city gives to me. Not jut the people, but the city itself.” What’s a better feeling than your very own city supporting you?

When you love your child, you attend dance recitals and football practice. Do the same for Detroit.

She is hurting; her jagged thorns reign with piercing pains of the toils and trouble of the automotive industry and unemployment terror.

But what keeps her from bleeding is the tenderness of your love and support. Exercise your heart and support local artists throughout the city.

Detroit is a mother of real Hip-Hop. Her womb is so warm, leaving the artists to only produce the hottest music.

I express great sympathy for those who forget that.

Keep it breezy and support your city.

Her womb has the world of ready wealthy talent. Thought you knew.

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  1. Detroit has almost the best talent out there...but my thing is Detoit people dont support Detroit artist enuff..there are artist like Street Justus, Saxappeal, 1OH1, BOi,and it goes on but these artist are fuckin bad as hell..i dont see how anyone cannot support REAL and GREAT music...on that note fuck a soulja, wacka, or all that bull...