Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hypocrisy Lies Before Us!

"Teen Mom" made me throw up in my mouth.
Are MTV producers trying to scare teenagers? Or is this docudrama hosting the celebration of teens engaging in under-aged, unprotected sex?
Last I heard, sex between two adolescents under the age 18 is against the law. But who cares, right? As long as there is consent. Right?
I understand that MTV is documenting the hardships of the teen mothers struggling with their baby daddies, dating, school, employment and so forth. But overall, this series is actually encouraging girls to do it.
For a trend that is voluptuously looked down upon, this country airs its dirty laundry. Kids having kids.
What this show is doing is highlighting how girls no longer have morals and will belittle themselves for guys who are most likely will not want them after the five minutes is up.
When I was in high school, it was taboo to even think of someone being pregnant in class. Now, it’s actually ok to see some of your fellow classmates walk about with their 6-month bellies peeking from under their French Connection t-shirt down the hall.
This country is swimming in the pool of hypocrisy. And we are all drowning in it.
Speaking of sinking down under, someone should have thrown Beyonce a lifesaver; her performance went overboard. Why would she perform a 2-year old song? I guess she couldn’t perform “Video Phone” with Lady GaGa who was too busy KILLING IT in her hot performance! No one at the Grammy’s wants to hear old songs, unless they are CLASSICS and Bey, my dear that was not at all a classic song. Sit down.
Oh, and shout out to the Grammy’s for sending half its viewers to the hospital for temporary blindness. Where were we supposed to get 3-D glasses?
As we recover from the timid burning sensation of our eyes, we still venture through this country in the midst of hypocrisy.
Haiti. From the bottom of my heart, I am devastated by the current heart-wrenching news and images of Haiti.
The reason I say this is because, well for one, I do not live in Haiti. I do not have any family or friends in Haiti. I didn’t even know (don’t act like you knew either) where Haiti was located on the map until CNN showed me.
It irks me to know that people are ranting about how many orphans Haiti now birthed. Um. Excuse me. America alone has millions of orphans, and half of those children are being molested, tortured, raped, and abused in their own foster homes.
Can we please worry about our country? We are in an economic crisis, let alone a reading emergency! HELLO!
Before we donate money to fix Haiti, can we find the audacity to not allow a 15-year-old man to rape an AUTISTIC WOMAN in BROAD daylight?
Until then I’ll keep my 10 dollars.


  1. I really enjoyed your post but i would disagree with your statement about the girls on teen mom having "no morals". The reality is that 98% of ALL americans will have sex before marriage, so premarital and teenage sex is more pervasive than ever. I think Teen Mom does a good job at highlighting the hardships of being a mother so young & the unique struggles that young parents experience. However, I wouldn't say its fair to say that those teenagers dont have morals because if thats the case.....what about all the adults having unprotected, premarital "demoralizing" sex?

  2. i strongly feel u on the pregnant kids..that shud be controlled...but there are way too much goin on to think of it...i didnt even watch the performance so im not sure wut happened but she needs to sit her prego self down...lol..but hati..the reason they are worried is because american wana stay cool anyone...but they really need to think of this country..THIS IS U.S. MOTHERFUCKIN A...