Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Oral sex is the new kiss. Thought you knew?
Lifetime recently aired its television movie entitled “The Pregnancy Pact.” This movie is disgusting and heart wrenching. AND I LOVE IT!
From the opening credits to the end, I cringed with turmoil. Why would 14-year-old girls make a group promise to get pregnant…ON PURPOSE? Jesus take the wheel.
Sitting on my bed, tweeting 90mph on how stupid the girls sounded, I sighed. This movie speaks the naked truth. Across the nation, high school girls are obsessed with this growing popular trend of making babies.
Making a pact to have a child with ugly, wacky boyfriends who don’t give a rat’s behind about you? EPIC FAIL.
Girls have to understand that it is YOU who carry the baby in YOUR belly for 9 months. Girls are the ones who deal with nasty morning death, I mean, sickness.
Guys don’t have to do a damn thing. They have the choice to be responsible with their child or not. No, it doesn’t make it right. But it is what it is.
The movie does highlight a lot of questions that many students and parents and even school administration face upon this issue. No pressure, right?
What would you do if your 14-year-old daughter walks up to you and tells you that she is pregnant?
Throughout the movie, one of the girls’ parents couldn’t stop arguing. Stop attacking each other and CRACK HER HEAD OPEN! But that’s just me.
This movie brings light on how young girls are engaging in serious relationships too early as well.
Parents may not have control over what their daughter do during school. But you sure in hell have control on what she does before or afterwards.
Irritation corrupted my soul throughout the movie on how some school officials didn’t want to promote birth control. The point is KIDS ARE DOING IT. It’s no secret. We are living in a time where 1 out of 6 high school students are pregnant or will get pregnant.
We are living in an era where Congress officials can blatantly dog out the President of the United States and call him a liar! Oh my bad, did I say that?
Overall, we are living in a time where sex is everywhere. Literally. Even in Disney shows. I encourage you to watch a Disney show with your child one evening or Saturday morning and you will be amazed on how much sex is encouraged.
I am not saying lock your kid in a box. That’s not reasonable and just dangerous. But please understand that young ladies are no longer waiting until marriage or until prom night to lose their virginity or engage in sexual activities.
I know folks, it sounds retarded to think of implementing sex education for younger children. But it’s more retarded to think kids aren’t looking and touching.
I mean, unless you want to be granny and gramps at age 31. That’s your prerogative.

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  1. Great post. You being a woman I could see why you feel the way you feel. However coming from a teen father, in most cases the boys are just scared. They are afraid of what society will think, then they are afraid as to how they will provide. I know for a fact if it wasnt for my mother being so supportive and being there for me I probably would have accepted the responsibilites that I took on. Now we know its nothing new, kids having kids. This didnt just start happening, the only difference is the children havin these babies cant take care of the child in this era. In additon the families are not as supportive today as they were in the past. People are so quick to judge the youth for the mistakes rather than help them. Personally I feel I gained a lot by having a child at an ealry age. Although it forced me to grow up faster, it also made me more responsible. I have had time to adjust to the differnt situations a parent has to face. So once younger guys stop running from their fears one problem society has will be eliminated, becuase no matter what children will have sex. Its up to the family to guide children and educate them. Its worse to force them into certain situations because we all know children REBELL.

    Tr3y Douglas

  2. I have to say, I saw this movie and I was disgusted. Firstly I won't play the race card, cause we all that would have never been a movie had the girls been another flavor LOL!These girls were so damn dumb it was unbelievable. If the real life girls were really like that please find them and line them up so I can slap the hell out of them. Love your writing BTW.