Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Column Debut! 01/20/10

Real love is about that F-word. Forgiveness.

But nowadays, the act of forgiving is like eating a pot of mold.

So far, Hollyweird launched bombs that told of celebrity infidelity scandals. But, of course, almost 90 percent of all American marriages are crumbling. So this shouldn’t be a surprise.

However, Shaq’s five-year secret affair blew me out of the water after reading about allegations of him harassing his mistress in fear of her having his baby.

First of all, Shaq is too big to sneak around. Tsk. Tsk. His wife can be the bigger person by forgiving him and moving on.

Like Tiger Woods’ wife.

Wait. Where is Tiger?

So suspending your career means disappearing from the face of the Earth? OK.

There are rumors bouncing back and forth that his wife is going to stay with him. As much as Tiger’s lying, cheating, scheming, dirty, trifling, scandalous, heartbreaking, malicious and just plain nasty behavior appalled me, I believe in unconditional love.

Tiger was dead wrong for what he did but at the end of the day – if we ever find him – he is still a human, a father and husband, and he must fulfill those roles.

Why is it so hard for us to forgive someone? But when we mess up we demand to be forgiven, no matter how outrageous the situation may be.

And he called himself “casablasian.” Straight madness. Let’s forgive him on that, too.

Besides relationships, it seems like we need to work on forgiving people for doing outrageous things. For example, Mariah Carey and her bubbly acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Film Fest.

I love how the songstress keeps it real. The music icon has personality and isn’t afraid to tell the world when she’s messed up. We seriously can’t get mad at her for enjoying a few splashes of champagne. She gives a 30-second buzzed speech but we can watch a 60-minute segment of Weezy F. Baby brag about his hard-knock life while smoking a blunt. Isn’t that stuff illegal? But this makes me a hater, right?

On another note, we must learn how to forgive the government for always finding ways to scare us. Silly rabbit tricks are for kids!.But it seems like grown folks are the main ones becoming the fools. Are you really that scared about swine flu? To me, it’s just hyped-up juice. People are not scared of AIDS so a little virus shouldn’t scare big, bad America.

On a random note, I do not condone shows like For the Love of Ray J, but he is a singer. Right? Whatever. He made a valid point when talking to one of the contestants, Heartbreaker, about her inability to have faith in them being together. “If you don’t believe in us, I don’t believe in you.” Some of his music is nauseating but this is one quote that I will never forget. Well, at least she didn’t smash the homie. Right?

But no, seriously, where is Tiger?


  1. This is Great! You are on your way to becoming a great Journalist! Keep up the good work best friend! I am excited to read more of these column's every week!

  2. I love it..there are alot of people that cant forgive someone jus for turning the wrong way..and Tiger? he shouldnt hide...face america...he tried to wit a speech which was on every channel.but yea...mariah, thumbs up to