Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tammy Je t' aime

Let me be honest.

I used to run away from God.

For some dumb reason, I thought I could ignore Him.

But of course, I SUFFERED.

One morning, I stop running away. And let Him hold my hand.

Sometimes God has to break your heart.

In the Human world, a broken heart has no life.

In God's world, a broken heart is an open heart. The perfect valve for His love.

According to the Universe, a broken heart allows new love, new grace and new blessings inside.

Makes sense right?

I used to walk around with a broken heart.

The worst part: I DID NOT CARE.

Instead of praying, I would run to fools for advice. Advice that was rotten. Stale. Leaving my ears bleeding to death.

My heart was dying.

But with precious words in prayer, I was saved.

Thank you God.

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