Friday, February 18, 2011

Why do YOU hate me? And Her?

Envy is poison.

She bathes in sin.

Hate flows out her mouth, gently over her lips and teeth.

Each spit of deceit from her twisted tongue and jealous lips crushes her spirit.

Black little girls' self-esteems bleed death. And that's only the beginning, so we believe.

What constitutes this? SELF-HATRED.

We let each other sink. And because of this, more black women are crying. and dying. and still killing.

Why do we cane each other with whippings of brutality? And not healing?

Because we kill each other's spirit.

We depend on men to nurse us back to health, suckling on their lies as we lay on their chests, giving our children's blood as we engage in unhealthy and even unwanted sexual relations.

Jealously is unyielding as the graveyard.

Love is strong as death. But Jealousy potion is sweeter. And we are all dying to get a sip.

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