Monday, March 7, 2011

I hate my skin. It is so black.

I hate my hair. It is so thick and not "good hair."

I hate my body. It is so short and skinny, and of course, no boobs.

I hate my voice. It is too soft and weak.

I hate my smile. It is way too big.

So, I thought.

In silence, I wept bitterly because no one thought I was a precious pretty little girl (Again, so, I thought). My soul was slaughtered with self-hatred and persecutions of shame.


I started to learn about myself. Then I started to like myself. Then I started to love myself and still, I am enriched in the epiphany of self-love.

I love my chocolate skin. It's rich, exotic, and too damn delicious to admire.

I love my hair. I had naturally long hair to short boy cut. Regardless on the style, interwoven with weave or not, my hair is flowing with health.

I love my body. It is petite and fun-sized. As for the boobs, one word. Push-up bra. God is a genius. hahaha.

I love my voice. It is soft, soothing, inviting and feminine.

As for my smile, it is still big and wide, but Bodacious!!

There are HUNDREDS crippled little girls who are defiled, hating themselves, thinking such foolish thoughts I once feast upon daily. I pray that one day, they look in the mirror and cherish their unfading God-given beauty... I finally did.


  1. Beautiful Tammy! I like how you said, first you began to learn yourself, then like yourself, then finally love yourself. It's a wonderful, confusing, painful and enlightening process.

  2. This is a cute post :) Love your confidence.
    I hope this encourages women of all ages to appreciate and value their own beauty rather than spending their lives admiring others and forgetting about their own.

  3. Well said girl. I guess we are so complexed. I have a new found confidence