Friday, July 8, 2011

Blogging While Brown!

It just hit me. I am in LA!

Very first time in Los Angeles, California. On the plane, I sat in a daze. I have never thought that a young lady, like myself, from the D would ever come out to this beautiful city. On top of that, be a panelist at a conference to speak in front of other radiant writers/bloggers. No pressure, right? Ha!

I think about my writing stamina here and then. It is hard to maintain a blog while working a full time job. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy my duties as an Quality Analyst at OnStar and working at the General Motors Technical Center. Everyday as I pull up in the parking lot, I imagine a shiny Volt waiting for me, with a pretty pink bow. But this is a bittersweet rivalry. Part of me wants to soar through the corporate ladder. The other part wants to sit in coffee shops or hotel rooms and write about whatever may come across my mind and soul. Building castles in air. [chuckles]. Or tell some one's story who has been dying to tell. [Enter humongous sigh here]. Oh, life. Full of risks.

So, this is what following your dreams feels like, huh? Who would have thought that walking across that squeaky stage at Bowling Green State University would lead to a stupendous voyage. Three days after graduation, I was given the opportunity to intern for a magazine and work along the sides of editors for its sister publication, a prominent newspaper in the city of Detroit. And I still kept writing...

But all this started in the microscopic newsroom of my high school's newspaper. Totally Tammy Fun Fact: I didn't even want to write for the newspaper. I was a senior and already had a lot on my plate...(hint: Senioritis). But my journalism teacher who I love dearly to this very day, Ms. Kuznar, asked me to join the team. "We need you, Tammy." With her violet eyes puncturing my soul, I could not resist. I thought, "Eh, how bad could it be?" Ever since then, it became a roller coaster ride. With a Bachelors of Science in Journalism in one hand and a load of experience in the other, I must say that I enjoy writing. It ultimately leads me to my self-discovery. It's humbling. Now, I am able to define my infatuation with words here at the Blogging While Brown Conference.

By the way, I made it through the flight. Whew.

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