Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why I Write...

Why I write?
So the world can witness my life.
I currently am writing my first book.
Quite nervous.
Still debating on when Snow Angels will debut to the public, but I am determined to have the world witness my life, through the words woven together to bring my book alive.
I pray that those who read Snow Angels are inspired. Most of all, I hope that my readers smile.
While writing this book, I have fallen in love with my characters, Aubrey and Charles. They are so important to me. As I write this book, I envision the world witnessing pain. Witnessing blooming love. Witnessing the agony and fear that bestows fragile hearts. What do you do when your life is flipped upside down? What do you say? Who do you go to? Who do you dare to call? Let's admit it. There are times when it feels as if it is the face of no return. Just lost. I, myself, have begged God, pleading him to give me answers; cajoled him with bargains.
But Snow Angels will help explain more.
Stay tuned and Witness.
Tammy J

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