Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer,
Thank you.
You have taught Honey and I so much. You crawled through his flesh, but lost direction. You crushed vessels in his brain, but not many. You bullied your way into our minds, but never made it to our hearts. Together, my boyfriend and I follow our heroic Guiding Light. Together, we pray. Together, we live endlessly. You frightened us. But didn't dare depress. You tried to spook us. But we were brave. Through the darkest night, Reggie survived. You teach that life does not flourish through the flesh, but through the spirit. Cancer, I just thought I tell you how I feel, but it doesn't matter; you are shrinking away. Doctors haven't seen you in a year. The Honey is doing so swell. Him and God are fighting together. And I am standing right besides him, never letting go of his hand. Quite frankly, Reggie is living his BEST life now. With or without you.
Living by faith,
Tammy J
P.S. Our God is stronger than you. And always will be.

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