Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus,

My name is RJ. I am 2 years old. I am about to be 3.

Are you busy? Can we talk? Where are you? I want to tell you I love you. Every night, I see my daddy fall on the floor with his hands to his face and he whispers words to your Daddy.

Do you think your Daddy can help my daddy? Please?

Pretty please?

I think my daddy is sick. His head is always hurting. NaNa says daddy is getting better though. But sometimes he does not play with me when he take that weird medicine. Sometimes my daddy even cries. I don't want him to cry. No more.

My daddy is hurting. He still smiles though. He always taking good care of me. He buys me Spider Man house shoes and he buys me big boots. They are black.

But sometimes my daddy is always sleepy. Please ask your Daddy to take care of my daddy.

Thanks for the talk.



P.S. My birthday is on Christmas. Like yours. I hope you get a lot of presents.

Oh.... I love my daddy. A lot.

Bye bye.

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