Saturday, July 2, 2011

Somebody loves me, baby.

And his name is God.
Every morning, I wake up with Him on my mind. Every breath I take, his love fills my nostrils, giving me energy to get out the bed and do something positive with my life.
Lately, a lot has been on my mind. My soul left in anguish. It is hard to find myself. But it is so much harder to keep myself. Most of all, it is excruciating pain to be happy with who I have found. You know what, I have realized that I am so hard on myself. I just do not understand why I am so hard on myself. It is kinda like the reality of never being happy with who I am.
I try to please so many people, it is ridiculous. I might as well get an award on how many people I try to please. My parents. My coworkers. My supervisor. My friends. My enemies. But what about that one person who I have known and had to deal with for all my life? Me.
But throughout all this, I know that God loves me and through His love, I am able to regain the confidence I need to find myself and be content. Without God's love, I am nothing.

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