Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday's Brunch

Sitting on the porch today with my boyfriend Reggie, the warm summer breeze's romance flirts with my soul.

Oh, how I love Sundays!

Laying in bed, I quietly wake up every Sunday morning, staring up at the ceiling. Time to get ready for church, I tell myself. Reggie and I attend church service at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, one of Detroit's precious gems on the West side. And I must admit, I enjoy spending my Sundays with my boyfriend in our Father's house. Nothing beats the feeling of learning the Word of the Lord with the man of my dreams. But the best part: Walking out the church, feeling like a brand new person. Walking out refreshed and our minds right. And forever grateful.

Our Sundays boost us for the imminent adventures in the week ahead. Throughout the day, I personally enter a deep mediation, flushing out the negative and wrong-thinking that hammered through my brain during the previous week. Realizing that I made it through one week, I feel so blessed and inspired towards the upcoming week. I replace those thoughts of ambsace with the empowering words of joy, victory, peace, and happiness that I have lucubrated from the Reverend's efficacious sermons. Walking out the church, my mind, body and soul are recharged with the necessary tools to experience joy and satisfaction in the days of the upcoming week. Every week, I experience pain. Some blunders. Some absurdities. And unanswered prayers. BUT... every Sunday, I begin a new healing with the new hope-filled expectations of how I want to see God at work in my life. In other words, God is not done with me yet.

To some people, Sunday is simply another day. Interestingly, Sunday is very special to me because it is the one day when I choose to happily wander away from my hectic life. Like a child. But because I am a child of God, I regain the encouragement that I need and let go of childish ways. I'd rather be child-like, not child-ish.

Anyhoo, I must say, these past few Sundays and the weeks following them have gotten sweeter.

Life is so delicious. Take a bite.

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