Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ballerina Girl

In my ballet shoes, I was a princess. Inside the studio, the dance floor was my kingdom. The mirror was my love. The music was partner.

It's boggles my mind how so many little girls aren't living in this fanciful fairy tale anymore. It is terrifying to know that our little girls are raped out of their innocence. Stricken with fear. They no longer try to be little princesses. Instead, they want to be in music videos. The hot girl. Or even worse: They just don't have any goals in life. Understandingly, our little girls are lost.

Outside the dance room, I remember prancing in front of my mother's life-sized mirror, putting on her pearls, pretending to be a lady. Inside the dance room, I felt safe and happy. Free to be the princess I dreamed to be. Little girls nowadays are wearing jeans tighter than mine, swaying their non-existent hips to today's churlish beats on the radio. They dare not to be princesses. They want to be in the next music video.

Where are our ballerina girls?

How could we allow such a thing to happen? As a little girl, my mind was quiet, full of peace. And my heart was open, full of passion. As a ballerina, I was taught to embrace my body and appreciate its delicacy.

Ballet trained me to be the woman who I am today, Strong. Obedient. Persistent. Ambitious. Beautiful. In the dance mirror, I saw the power of my presence. My self-esteem was glowing and growing. Looking at our little girls today, their self-esteem hang upon the words of lying beasts. Our broken soldiers. Footling to our soon-to-be nubile ladies. Making them feel like losel slum.

Ballet didn't save my childhood. It just gave me something to look forward to as I grew up. It was enchanting. It taught me that there was something bigger out in the world and I had the capability of capturing it. The morphology of ballet essentially opened my eyes to catch the impossible.

We need to find our little girls, guide them back to their kingdom of innocence and help them believe that they too can capture their dreams. No matter how big they are. Most importantly, hold their hands and mold our little princesses into the Queens that they are destined to be.


  1. This comment has nothing to do with the blog but I am LOVING the photo's and how the color portion is the focus of your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Beautifully put. I think that those traits in young girls need to be preserved so that when they enter the real world they will know who they are. People are quick to tear someone down and let them know who they think they are and what they will or will not accomplish. That shouldn't happen and needs to be saved.

  3. I was wondering were u got the ballerina shoes at? My little girl wants to dance but I don't know were to get the tie up ones that you're wearing at. My name is Krystal and my email is pls let me know thank u for your time. Ur writing was a beautiful piece by the way.