Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where is that grasshopper?

I admit it.

I am struggling with a cold case of "grasshopper mentality."

Side effects: Prosaic. Weak. Loss of faith. Frail. Easily broken. Loss of high expectations. Feeling ordinary.

Pastor Joel Osteen says, "If you are always thinking about your defeat, failure, how weak you are, or how impossible your circumstances are, you will develop a 'grasshopper mentality'."

When you think of a grasshopper, what do you think of? A tiny green creature that is ready to be squished. A weak critter that roams the face of the earth. Helpless pest.

In my virgin years of writing and blogging, I was the grasshopper. Small. And just there. Even now, I sometimes to sulk, only finding myself going to bed, not feeling motivated. But as I continue to rediscover God in my soul searching, I am realizing that I need to stop focusing on my weaknesses and focus on Him. It is true: Embracing the walks of life with the "grasshopper mentality" belittles God. With that in mind, I am constantly reprogramming my mind on how big God is and what he has in store for me and my writing.

My writing is bigger than who I am. Your goals in your life are bigger than you are. By believing in yourself, you stray away from that so-called "grasshopper mentality." This is one of the very reasons why I am writing my first book. I absolutely love writing. I cherish life with words and I want to coddle my readers with my words. I am writing this book to prove to no one but God that I can do anything because He has placed the ability inside of me to do so. I know that I am not a cosmic accident who is just roaming around the world, hopping through life like a tiny grasshopper with broken dreams. I am an image of God and I am determine to continue to grow in His light and go after my dream of becoming an author. Reaching my full potential.

Breaking off the shackles of this mundane mentality means that I must truly believe what the Bible says about me.

No matter how big it is, a grasshopper is still a grasshopper. Unlike that grasshopper. I am a child of God and determined to reach my goals and be successful. God is just that big. And so are my dreams. And so will my accomplishments.

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