Monday, August 1, 2011


Ever just sit... and breathe?

If so, what goes through your mind?

As I drift away in deep meditation, I sail around the world in the rising, choppy waters of my curiosity.

My mind is always sizzling with thoughts of where I am going in my life. I desire so much. But is there is a such thing as to wanting too much? I wonder if God knows. Of course, He does, right? He knows the number of hairs on top of my head, therefore, I am confident in knowing that God is aware of my dreams and ambitions.

One of my biggest dreams is to become a successful, notable writer. I want to write bestselling novels and stories in various publications to inspire men and women to keep living their best life. Whether my reader is a child, a newlywed, a new mother, or a retiree, I want to stimulate the healing hearts of all.

We all suffer from the animating infestation of our fears and anticipated failures. Ultimately, we feel alienated by others. But with the grace of God, we carefully manage to overcome these jagged tumultuous boulders.

The fundamental key to reaching our goals is to know what's best for us. No one else knows best for us. They think they do. But they have no idea. And some people take joy in suffocating us with their own insecurities, unfair judgement and sour advice. Then we lose. No, not because of the enemies or friends (Trust me, some have demonic intentions). But because of ourselves. The worst enemy? Tuh. Look in the mirror.

I will admit it. I hardly give myself a chance. Sometimes, I hardly breathe.

While drowning in misery, my soul screams for the Lord and beg for his mercy and guidance because I so badly want to succeed in all that I do, especially as a writer. To master our fate, we must be able to understand the rewarding basics of maintaining a healthy relationship with our individuality, taking control over the frenzy around us, breathing and moving forward to get to where we want to go. Preventing our dreams from going stale.

Close your eyes. And just breathe.

...Alright, enough of that. Time to go work on my first book.


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