Monday, August 22, 2011


How do you welcome your day?
What do you do when you rise out of bed? Do you sing? Do you dance? Do you pray?
In the morning sun, I sneak a peek at you, Queen. Heartily desiring to relish your loving. What a taste that would be. But I'd rather feast upon your mind instead. Your dreams. Your passions. Your inclination. All are savory and tantalizing. Makes my mouth water.
Your virtuous existence is a shade of Godly love.
Love has no limits. No boundaries. No stipulations.
Queen, relationships are simple. We are to love each other. Respect each other. But everything else seems to keep barging right in. Without invitation. But continue to hold on.
As an acclaimed man, I live my life by integrity, morals and standards. I know my worth. I feel your worth. Do you know yours? Better yet, am I worthy of you, Queen?
God instructs a man to find a woman who is equal to him. If he fails, he must brace for the forthcoming havoc ahead, oozing from the fires of demoniac angels from Hell. For a virulent man who is lost will lust after you, poisoning your virtue, fondling your worth. But a honorable man will love after, for and by you, Queen.
When that man finds you, his Queen, he is kneeling before God.
...Je t' aime

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