Thursday, September 22, 2011

witness .

Last night, I witnessed a murder.
The unlawful killing of an innocent man. Troy Davis. A man who was falsely accused of savagely killing an off-duty police officer in the late 1980s; Davis was executed.
The blood of this man splatters all over the hands of America.
However, the spirit of Davis prevails.
Reading Davis' final letter, I was titillated by the amusing words written by this man who had everlasting faith. Unceasing. Uninterrupted. Undying. In the midst of being tortured, ridiculed, talked about, dogged, hated, this man stood fearlessly through the last 20-something years of his life. Sadly, Davis was murdered by a country that stands falseheartedly behind the jingle of "Innocent until proven guilty."... Did I write that correctly? I could have sworn it was the other way around... Because last night.... Never mind.
I admit it. I am NOT an activist. However, I am a human being who is heartbroken once again by the country in which I live in. The story of Davis should teach us a lesson. Not just on the unjust judicial system in which our country is rooted and that a change is needed to annihilate the Death Penalty. But there is a tiny lesson embedded on that stupendous word: Faith.
Ever felt betrayed? Disappointed? We all do. We all felt imprisoned by our job(s), friends, our families and even by our own selves at some points of our lives. We are our worst enemy, of course. Once we let go our fear, the pressure eases and the shackles of our cowardism, self-pity and lack of faith are unlocked.
In the Bible, it says "For God is my record, how greatly I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ,." ~ Philippians 1:8. In other words, God is my witness. God is your witness. God is Davis' witness. Sometimes we forget that we are not alone. And sometimes we forget we are not here to impress Man, but God. Whether we are distraught in an abusive household, struggling to get our college degree or picking at our last meal on Death Row, we must keep our minds on the Cross. And I strongly believe that Davis held on tight until his very last breath. Keep pressing forward in knowing that God is in control. No matter what Man judge, God has thee FINAL say.
Always keep the faith.
Remember, Jesus died. But He rose.
We all can rise simply by having faith. With faith, this country will heal. So, let's not walk around hating America for what it did. Let's smile and run with the wind because we know that a change is coming. I have faith that it is, America. No ifs ands or buts. For God is my witness.
God bless Troy Davis. May his soul rest in peace

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