Monday, October 17, 2011


"So make a list-right now-of all that you are thankful for."
Our problems are so intoxicating...We feed off their unyielding, dangerously sweet scent. Allowing us to forget how blessed we truly are. While soaking in the bubble bath, I was reading my new favorite book, "When Prayers Aren't Answered." Author John E. Welshons teases with instructions of creating a list of blessings, diving deeply within. Closing my eyes, I slowly wander in the depths of my brain, counting my blessings, one by one.
So here it goes:
I am blessed to be alive.
I am blessed to be conscious.
I am blessed to breathe on my own. Without the help of a machine.
I am blessed to live in a warm house.

I am blessed to conquer depression.
I am blessed to have a degree.
I am blessed to have a job. Forever grateful.
I am blessed to have a mother AND a father who are STILL married.
I am blessed to have a brother who is now in college.
I am blessed to have wonderful, fearless friends.
I am blessed to have a handsome, caring boyfriend. He is fighting cancer. And winning.
I am blessed to be beautiful. I am not perfect, but beautiful.
I am blessed to be born with a gift of writing.
I am blessed to have a relationship with God.

I am blessed to have my heart broken. Constantly. But temporarily. And not permanently.
I am blessed to not be where I used to be, still heading to where I want to be.
I am blessed to be knocked down numerously. Yet, stand right back up. Again and again.
I am blessed to let go. And let God.
I am blessed to witness the anointing ceremonious uniting of lovers and the birth of fresh, blossoming lives within the last 5 months.
I am blessed to have a car. A running car. A car in which I can afford to put gas in to run.
I am blessed to have haters.
I am blessed to have many more supporters.
I am blessed to have met so many wonderful writers and artists throughout this country.
I am blessed to know my passion. And not be ashamed. To me, life is not about how you are living; life is about what you did while living.
I am blessed to be writing my book, Snow Angels.

I am blessed for you reading this right now. :)
I am blessed to finally love myself.
I am blessed to finally accept God fully in my life.
I am blessed to have so many blessings in my life. And I am still counting.

I can't deny it. I am blessed. Very.
And so are you.
I encourage you to create a list. Whether it is written down, or an intimate mental list, think of your blessings. The plentiness of God's goodies will remind you that you are highly favored; He loves us. Most of all, your blessings, just like mine, will remind you that God is in control. No matter what happens.

Be humble.
Be thankful.
Be blessed.

" of the most potent antidotes to frozen emotion is gratitude; just feeling thankful." ~ John E. Welshons

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  1. We get so caught up in the problems of life that we forget we are blessed. Every moment of every hour is a blessing. Just being able to breathe is a blessing. Life is so full of problems, that if we're not careful, they will distract us from the blessings of God.

    I give thanks each morning when I wake up just for the fact that I'm alive to see another day. The gift of life is so very, very precious.

    Thanks for reminding us that we are blessed.