Sunday, November 13, 2011


What am I doing with my life?
Do we ever know what we are doing with our lives?
Sometimes I feel like I am separated from myself.
Other times I feel as if I am separated from others.
But never from God.
Within the last few months, especially while writing my first book, I have never felt so close to God. I am trying to write just like Him. Waking up every morning, I dedicate a few minutes to the Lord and just lay there, talking to God. A few minutes talking. A few minutes listening. Meditation.
And by doing so, I feel reconnected with myself and others.
I love talking to God. Most of all, I love that God loves talking to me. Prayerfully, through his words of guidance, I will continue to live my life with an increasing spiritual voltage. According to my pastor, life is essentially good, because the God who created all life and being is totally, thoroughly, and unfailingly good.
Regardless on how I feel on each day, I know that I am not here for nothing. I am adventurously living to conjoin with the person God wants me to be. I just have to keep beating this sense of separation, because Sin is separation from one's true self. With that, I fight the feelings of isolation and learn how to be truly happy.

Life is what you make it. And because God made me, life is pretty good, I must say.
The challenges of life nowadays are greater.
But my God is bigger.