Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sweet Nothings

I am thee most impatient person I have ever known to live on the face on this earth.Why can't I just be patient? It is extremely hard for me to sit still and be patient. Like a fidgeting child. Just a mess. Or maybe I am just too ambitious? No. No. I am just impatient. This restless desire to change gives my soul hives. I will never understand how I became this way. I just need to taste and relish the moments I am blessed with now. Because how many more moments will I get? Did I mention I worry a lot too?
Folks tell me all the time: Be patient. What exactly is patience? How can I keep her? I constantly pray for patience. But she always slipping out from between my fingers. My life is revolving and sometimes these twists and turns squeeze her out. But patience always sneaks back in. Man.
Patience is comprised of seeds of baby soft sweet nothings. Just precious; exporting remarkable energy through the veins of human life. (sigh) I will still follow the path of patience, the path of this incredible beauty. But...I'm sorry, sometimes I just can't wait. And that's when I stomp my foot, pout and feel condemned as a failure. Thank goodness for chocolate and my relationship with God. I may not always be patient. But He has patience for me. They say wait on the Lord. Good thing He waits on us too.
Gee wiz.

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  1. I get this. I used to be very impatient as well.I still am just a little, but that is because I am usually rushing and I feel like the time is already limited. I slowed down. I just starting thinking, what is the big rush? I am enjoying being alive. I am enjoying my blessings. If I have to wait a little, it is okay because I would rather be waiting for something than to be waiting on nothing. Just my lil 2 cents. =)