Sunday, December 4, 2011

Charles Sneak Peek

Loss of appetite.
Godawful headaches.
Memory loss.
No desire to live.
What is wrong with me?
I don't feel right.
The doctors here at Henry Ford Hospital are trying to figure out what is wrong with me. They keep walking in and out of the room. They can't seem to pinpoint why I am so nauseated nor can they break down why I am having these terrible headaches regularly. They keep looking at me, nodding their heads. Holding closely to plastic folders, they are constantly whispering to each other then looking at me. What are they talking about? Man, I am nervous. But I don't want to be. I just can't be. I came in for them to check out my heart. But I am sure my heart is fine. I just have the Flu.
"Mr. Jackson."
"You and your mother should have a seat. We ran some tests and the results are in."
"Uh, alright."
Mama and I look at each other as we slowly sit down in front of the doctors.
"Your blood tests came back negative. But we found the problem."
"Oh ok, good."
I look at my mother and she is biting her top lip, staring at the doctor's mouth. Maybe she is praying that he says I have the Flu too.
"Charles, we found a tumor."
"A tumor, huh? Are you sure?"
"Yes, a tumor is growing in the left side of your brain."
"Uhhhh.... that is very weird. How did I get a tumor?"
"We are not sure. But, the tumor links with the bad headaches, vomiting and caused memory loss. The excoriating pain comes from the pressure. And it's constantly pressing against your brain tissue."
"Ok, well, ok, what medicine do I need to take?"
"Charles, medicine will not suffice. Medicine will not kill this tumor. Surgery is needed. We have to take it out. Immediately. Because of its size and location in the brain tissue, surgery is critical. If you came in three days later, you would have probably slipped into a coma."
"The tumor is the size of a balled up fist. We will try to get in a surgery as soon as possible. We are actually trying for tomorrow afternoon."
"Uh...ok. Let's get it done."
I'm starting to feel dizzy and my ears are burning. I can't believe what the doctor is saying. A brain tumor? I don't smoke. I eat pretty healthy. I exercise. I don't do drugs. I barely drink. I sleep pretty good. No, this can't be.
"Where did this tumor come from? I don't smoke."
A tumor. I start laughing. This is a joke. I can't have cancer.
"Here, Mr. Jackson, take a look."

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