Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year: Same Me

Oh, 2012,
Unlike most folks, there is not going to be a "new me."
I adore the old me. Matter of fact, I will always be me. My life is just starting to unfold. Not too shabby.
Sure, laces of changes will be sewed in the dotted lines of my life along with stitches of restoration. But I love who I am. The year 2011 helped me discover the woman I am and I pray that this new year welcomes me with the most scrumptious bundles of life lessons.
Ringing in the new year with The Honey, I ultimately realized that I've found the rest of my life. I strongly believe that there is no need to be a "new Tammy". Why should I do that? I plan to continue to live my life to the best of my ability unashamedly. Continue to listen to the fanciful whispers of my Savior. Continue to kiss the knotty past goodbye. Continue to allow my fears to fly away as I walk through the wilderness. Continue to forgive myself in upcoming wrecks of calamity. Continue to practice my writing and building the courage to tell the world my stories. I promise, they are worth waiting for. And essentially, I will continue to believe in the magic of true love, no matter how crazy how it sounds. Most of all, I will continue to give myself away to my awesome God.
See, there is no reason to change. I am just fine.
Truly Tammy J.


  1. "No Jesus no peace ,know Jesus know peace" ,something I read on the back of a dodge dynasty. Four simple words with so much power behind it and now I hear them words being summarized from a soul that understands them. So no need for change Tammy j.

  2. Very powerful quote. But the truth lies within those words. Thank YOU so much for blessing me with that quote. As well as for reading my blog post. Greatly appeciated!!!!! You are awesome Titus!! :D

  3. What a beautiful way to start a new year. It's refreshing to see someone revel in all that they ALREADY have and ALREADY are. Have a great 2012.