Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Wife

‘How does it feel to be married?’

Lately, this is the question that I get from coworkers, family and friends. ‘How does it feel to be a wife?’ ‘Do you feel any different?’ I will tell you this: it is an indescribable feeling- Too beautiful for words. And my perception on love has undeniably changed.

It is SO electrifying that Reginald is my husband. To come together to become one flesh blows my mind! Our marriage doesn’t just surround the idea that I stole his last name-hehehe! Our marriage is a living organism that is constantly evolving, morphing into something sensational! Overjoyed, we are on the journey in perfecting our marriage. With a nutritious blend of Agape love, Philia love, and Eros love, our marriage is a nourishing product of God's love.

My first few weeks as a married woman- Fascinating! My husband and I did not live together prior to tying the knot so it was very interesting to move in with each other. Still an adjustment. :D Newsflash: Marriage goes beyond the wedding day, shiny rings and living with each other. Anyone can shack up. Anyone can have a wedding. And anyone can purchase rings. Marriage is deeper than that. It’s where you must faithfully put your mind, body and soul into it. And I am learning that a wife utilizes her skills to help institute the embellishment of the home and the enhancement of her husband. More importantly, a wife reverences her husband. In other words, the wife SUBMITS herself to her husband, and I am still learning the necessity of submission in a marriage. God aint through with me yet folks.

Every morning, I gaze at my fine husband while he sleeps coolly like a baby as I dress for work. This is the man who I will help raise RJ with. This is the man who I will bear children with. This is the man who I will be with for the rest of my life. This is the man who promises to love me forever. Then he wakes up, smiling back at me. That smile motivates me to orientate myself to be a godly woman as his wife.

My man is not just my best friend. He is not just a cancer survivor. He is not just my soul mate. Reginald is my husband and I promise to build a strong marriage with him to last a lifetime.

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