Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Marriage: An itsy bitty fancy word for Teamwork!

“Many marriages would be better if the husband and the wife clearly
understood that they are on the same side.” ~ Zig Ziglar

As a newlywed, I am learning a great deal about the paradise of marriage with my husband, Reggie. One critical ingredient of this institution is teamwork. Without team spirit, marriage is bland and blemished. Healthy team spirit is fundamental in seasoning a God-designed marriage.  In the Holy Bible, Romans 12:10 states “Outdo one another in showing honor.” With team spirit, spouses should find numerous ways to bless each other and uplift one another with love and support.

Within the last few weeks as a newly married couple, our team spirit grew firmly. Four days after returning from our Honeymoon, I was choked up by the devastating news: Company lay-off. Now, let me refresh your memory, I can be the Queen of Worry. This crushing rejection fondled some of my nerves- It still does. However, instead of jumping off the deep-end into depression and desperation, Reggie and I fell to our knees and prayed to God that evening. Ever since that shocking day, I knew that I must maintain a steadfast mindset through this storm of losing my job. And my husband is with me every minute. We do everything as a team. We clean our beautiful house together.  We cook appetizing meals together. We do boring laundry together. We devise budget plans together. We are continuously helping each other with our goals. Most importantly, we uplift each other every single day. We even work as a team in listening to each other better. But I would say the best part of our team, we pray together.

AND THE DEVIL HASN’T BEEN SO NICE ABOUT IT. IN FACT, HE HATES THIS. From the beginning of our engagement, my husband and I had an inkling that the devil did not want us to marry and we experienced what I felt like was the devil’s ploy to smash our relationship to smithereens. BUT our story began with God and God is not finished with us! Therefore, our Heavenly Father led us down to the altar.

An author once stated, “When a couple is standing at the altar getting married, the devil has an assignment on that couple.”

Remaining prayerful and watchful, my husband and I come to Christ daily, pouring our hearts to Him daily, keeping our souls in the presence of the Lord. God expects us to come to Him every day because of His Faithfulness. He is so faithful to us; we ought to do the same. And Reggie and I do! We are a winning team and I definitely find ourselves talking more often and candidly about everything! I just absolutely love it!

Becoming shrewdly aware of what is essential in the convent of marriage, I know that teamwork keeps its alive. In order to successfully blend two lives together, a marriage must have that special element of commitment towards the team.  Without teamwork, a marriage can become stale and the communication between a husband and wife becomes polluted with defilement, making them weaklings in tackling arising problems and blinding them to resolutions. Ultimately, teamwork is constructed upon that sweet ol’ Agape love- That type of “I am never going to forsake my God and I will never leave you or forsake you in this marriage’ type of love. Teamwork leads to decisions that create stability of commitment in a marriage, especially in a fresh marriage such as ours.

Teamwork strengthens couples yet it leaves room for each spouse to preserve his or her individuality, guiding them to their dreams. By making joint decisions confidently, marriage can be fun, less stressful and enlightening! Teamwork should ensure that each spouse shares the same vision or morals and heads in the same direction. I am learning that in
good times and bad, we must remember that our spouses are always our partner and never our enemy. In union, there is strength. In union, there is an unbreakable bond. In union, the Devil will fail. In union, the loyalty will prevail.

Most importantly, husbands and wives make the best teams in the world! Reggie and I are a team for life!

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